Welcome to

The Card Connoisseur!

Hi I'm Fern! Thank-you for visiting :)

The Card Connoisseur is my online shop, from which I sell fun, silly and cute greetings cards; all designed and made by yours truly.

I also do the printing, cutting, folding, packaging and posting bits too . . . before they finally reach you lovely people. I even answer the e-mails, take the photos, and make the sandwiches.

So why have I decided to sell greetings cards for a living?

Well, I have always loved crafts and graphic design, and have always been hugely interested in enterprise and creative startups . . . plus, I've always found myself frustrated when trying to find fun cards for friends and family.

I'm basically selling cards that I would buy myself; with original illustrations, funny messages, silliness, lots of colour, absolutely no super-serious soppy designs, and definitely no saccharine poetry!

I've made sure to print my designs on luxuriously thick cardstock and offer a choice of textured white card or light brown speckly card, just because I can. I think everyone would like to add a bit of 'posh' to their lives right?!

And because it's important to me, I've also tried to be as environmentally-friendly as I can. The cardstock I use is either recycled or FSC-certified, and I try to make all of my packaging recyclable where possible too.

I am focussed on offering great customer service, and I really just want to put a smile on your face (oh no, now I'm being soppy!)